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Chrono stuff - a couple new tankoubon scans [Jun. 15th, 2010|11:01 pm]
Chrno Crusade community


Just realized I never posted this in the comm!
I picked up volume 2 at AB earlier this year with the new cover. (Because 2 is chrono and 8 wasn't out yet ;_;
I only own the series in English already so I don't know if any edits have been made internally (obviously nothing major but if there were a typo I bet it's fixed!)
The old covers are underneath the slipcover with their O and the new logo, making this practically a twofer!
On top of the slipcover was a little band around the bottom with an ad for World Embryo, which might have just been the bookstore's fault but I'm guessing all these have something similar, as usually you get that on japanese volumes and artbooks. It wasn't anything new but I'll scan it on if anybody wants it.
back cover has the cool premise text.

Front cover...even more awesome in person :) especially with some GREG AYRES \O/ this man is the reason I ever did anime and chrono crusade was my gateway show so yeah! woo! this is the first chrono-related thing of mine he's signed and the first autograph line i've stood in for him even though I've gotten to meet him like four or five times in as many years and gotten a goku-related autograph, a hug, and he took a picture of my flashback chrono cosplay with his phone once so yeah this was pretty much the best thing ever to happen BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME MORE PICTURES FOR YOU~

Back cover - woot yes it does exist!

The spine... I'm sure someone wants it somewhere

Front cover beneath the sleeve. Looks more faded in color than my old one and the paper is much less glossy although i wouldn't call it a matte

Back beneath sleeve yep cross and joshua, love that boy

out of respect for all artists and especially our dear Daisuke Moriyama (who rocks!), I'm not gonna upload any other scans of the actual internal content, but I will share this snapshot. I hope we get an art book someday~ heck a new anime series would be nice B) you know a CC "Brotherhood" would do great because the story captures so many already haha

rough translation for you guys:
Moriyama: It's true, so now the manga's title is ChrOno Crusade! (Same katakana as before but there was a typo oh no! this is explained earlier on the page)
Chrono, Satella, Rosette: WAIT WHAT?!

so long as they don't recast remington or chrono as vic to pull in the ladies

So yeah, awesome stuff, I'll definitely get a full set if they ever come out in English but with the industry the way it is that looks doubtful. which is a shame because a lot of folks who love chrono crusade can't read japanese.


[User Picture]From: lady_agrias
2010-06-16 04:03 am (UTC)
Awww Greg Ayres. 8D I ran into him on an elevator at a con once. I freaked out a little bit but he was super nice. XD
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