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Welcome to the Chrno Crusade community. Here the fans of the brilliant anime/ manga come together and talk about all things Chrno! =) Now, in case you're wondering what Chrno Crusade is, read on...

Chrno Crusade?

Chrno Crusade is an anime/ manga about nuns, guns, and monsters. It is centered primarily around Rosette Christopher and her demon, Chrno. They are a part of of the Order of Magdalene, which is a part of the church that performs exorsisms and such. More information can be found here.

Rules(updated as of 11-20-2007)

To maintain a good, fair community of friends, you need to have rules, doncha? ;) So, here they are...

1. No flaming! Everyone has the right to free speech, and they don't need to be insulted. That's the most important. Punishment depends on severeness of flame.

2. Large images, fanart, fanfiction, icons, etc. to be kept behind an Lj-cut. How to cut? Easy. [lj-cut text="insert random comment here">Post here[/lj-cut> with the square brackets changed to <. Simple. This goes for spoilers too....be fair to the people who haven't read or seen the series yet.

3. Anything non worksafe should be behind cut, with warning. Some people may be uncomfortable with viewing certain things in public places, and they'd rather view it at home. They must be told.

4. No trolling/ spam. Upon seeing this, instant ban. No buts. This includes the advertisement of non-Chrno Crusade related things and spamming of other communities. This includes RP communities, especially if they're multi-fandom RP's.

5. No posting of links that lead to illegal downloading of the anime or manga. If you love the series you should support it legally. Doing so will result in instant ban, no buts.

6. To show that you have read these rules, post an introductive post with the title "The Astral Line".

I think that about covers it. =)

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